What Is THIS and Does He Need It?

A lot of the time when I write, I use “this” because I struggle to label it. No I struggle with being called out on what I label it. At times, I can’t even say submission because I’m afraid the reader will laugh. I fear misrepresenting what we are. I know it should not matter but it does.

I am probably most unsure because I question whether this is real for him. I want him to want this because to me that implies he wants me.

So I must make some attempt to define this. Does he need to be the boss? Does he need me to kneel for him? Does he need the kink? No. What he does need is the intimacy, the connection, the oneness, the closeness that this brings us.

The cause is somewhat irrelevant to him in that he doesn’t need that part but he knows I desire it and therefore he seeks to provide as he can. What he needs is the effect. He has told me and I can see it.

Is this D/s, DD, power exchange, BDSM, kink, Dd/lg, Dd/bg, traditional marriage, love & respect, common sense relationship…? It is bits from here and there. It is things I have asked for and things he has brought. It is fluid and changing and this is us.


4 thoughts on “What Is THIS and Does He Need It?

  1. The best advice we ever got was read and explore a lot, take what works for you and leave the rest. Kind of like you we are a bit D/s, DD, DD/lg, traditional marriage, etc. It fits us and we are happy with what we have and I think that’s the point. I think you and your Daddy are shaping a relationship that makes both of you happy. 💞💗

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