As I leave the bedroom he says “I’ll let you rub my belly since it’s our anniversary.”

He’s so generous.  lmao

Damn straight I seized the opportunity.  LOVE fuzzy Daddy belly. 😛


Two Years

I have been trying to figure out what to write for the second anniversary of our start of all of “this”. I’ve read over past writings. I have read the “vows” I wrote. I’ve said it all many times and in many ways. What I feel most right now is gratitude. 

Thank you Daddy

For listening and accommodating me without compromising yourself

For your openness and non-judgement

For this unstructured structure

For laughter, dancing and singing

Most of all for allowing and encouraging me to be ME. 

I am your princess babygirl and you are my Daddy. 

Such A Beautiful Surrender

When your panties match your tutu

“Go change into something comfortable but include what I have laid out on the bed.”

I find my tutu which is multiple shades of blue and MLP knee highs.

I was already wearing a blue top and my blue striped panties. So off with the jeans and the bra. The tutu, top and panties all coordinated. The socks didn’t but SHHHH Daddy doesn’t know better.

Cuddling and Disney and maybe a few twirls around the room.

Temporary Tattoos 

I  love temporary tattoos. 

Not that I change my mind often but if I get bored with it, I can change it. Today it is MLP but maybe tomorrow it is Totoro. 

I can change its location based on my mood. Ankle, breast so many possibilities.

A fun game is to hide one and ask Daddy to find it. How did that pony get There? 😉

Bonus points if you can get Daddy to matching a sporting one. PLEASE DADDY?!?!?!?

Just A Phase?

“It’s just a phase.” That phrase has a negative connotation. One perception is that you cannot stick with anything. Another could be the speakers hope that you won’t stick with it. Either way it is a put down.

I have questioned myself, ok I always question myself, on whether this is just a phase. I often get excited about things and then quickly get bored after the planning phase or after practicing for a bit. Truth is I don’t know if it is always boredom or a lack of confidence in myself to continue. Either way I beat myself up over the failure to continue.

Is it failure though? Why must phases be bad? Are we really meant to be stagnate? Fashions change and we don’t berate ourselves for changing with them. Though in hindsight you may wonder if you lost a few brain cells inhaling all of the White Rain and Rave during the poofy ball hair craze. 

I think we take comfort in saying “This is who I am.” It helps to define our place in the world and feel like we belong. That belonging is a real trigger for me and brings tears as I write that. 

Every so often I think we should be able to say This is who I am but add this caveat … right now. Don’t set it in stone. Allow for change in your life and if it ends up being just a phase enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t feel ashamed for dancing another direction we have too many hard stanced people in this world. 

For me blogging may be a phase, the desire to dive deeper into kinkiness may be a phase, but serving Daddy is not something I ever see changing. The last two years have been the most intimate of our marriage. It just feels right. BUT I will dance in it for right now.

Too Big

“Daddy I’m feeling too big and in charge lately.”

“I noticed. You sat down before me it at dinner last night. You have also been slightly snippy with me…”

We will work on it this weekend. I know it is because of this diet. I am managing all of it and dictating everything he eats.  It is necessary but I need some balance. 

Expressing my emotions before lashing out. 😌