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His Vision

Do you think unconditional love can change you? I think you have to recognize and accept what it is first. I’ve started listening and reading Ram Dass and his talk of unconditional love from Maharaji. Surrendering to Daddy has me accepting his words for what they are instead of second guessing them. My view of myself is changing.  

Today Daddy sent me a photo that he took last weekend. I didn’t know he was taking it. I’m kneeling on the floor naked in my collar. 

My instinctual reaction to the photo. 

Red face, No makeup
Boobs not where they should be
Belly roll

His words change all of that. He said he loved the photo and had been staring at it all week. He described me as 


Yes yes Daddy.

Today’s Dog Journal

On the way to work I saw a puggle, a pug and a man walking FOUR small beige dogs on one split leash. They were awesome!!!

On the way home I saw a puppy in a convertible and another dog in a car that all I saw was his tail swishing in the back seat.

OH and yesterday I saw the older man with the chunky pittie that wears the cute harness.  I haven’t seen them in a while so that was nice. 🙂

OH OH and when I told Daddy all of this he said he saw a bunny today. 🙂

Geena Davis – Feminist

Geena Davis in response to the question What do you think it means to be a feminist?

“I always say the definition of a feminist in the dictionary is the belief in equal rights for women socially and economically. The media conspired to make it so much bigger and less attractive than what it really is. With that definition, there shouldn’t be any American who would say I’m not a feminist. If you asked anybody if they believe women should have equal rights, who is going to say no? Unfortunately, it’s the word that’s gotten such a bad rap and I always try to bring it back to its humble definition.”

How ‘Thelma’ still drives Geena Davis by Chloe Melas, CNN

Damn Fucking Straight