Sunday Ritual – Naked Frontier

Nearly two years ago I wrote about our nightly ritual. He Never Kissed Me Goodnight

Before D/s most nights he wouldn’t even tell me goodnight. Now it is often my favorite part of the day. Reconnecting skin to skin is intimate and comforting.

I recently read an article in Elephant Journal by Monika Carless  One Simple, Sexy Practice that can Save a Relationship. Read HERE first otherwise spoiler alert….

“Naked cuddling expresses a level of intimacy that can’t always be expressed in words. It’s a way of maintaining closeness that can override problems, because in each others arms there is a safe harbor and a spiritual connection. When we embrace, our auras (energy fields) mingle. We are connected on much more than a physical level.

The touch of skin on skin stimulates nerve endings and results in a feeling that for many is even more satisfying than sex.”

I couldn’t agree more. This one practice has really changed our marriage.

Recently we have added another routine that involves skin on skin. Sunday night naked Star Trek. One of the channels runs hours of the various different series. He turns it on early in the evening and we watch but the last episode before he goes to bed we shut the door and watch naked snuggled up. I’m not even sure how it started but it is something I very much look forward to weekly.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Ritual – Naked Frontier

  1. truly most lovely one … you always bring such joy into my life – I would be lost without you … I pray I shall be writing those words soon… you give me such strength x thank you x

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  2. I read the post He Never Kissed me Goodnight. We used to go to bed at separate times as well. It always upset me if he didn’t say goodnight or give me a kiss too. After we got serious with Ds and Dd, that changed. It has improved so many areas of our life. My favorite part of the day is bedtime as well now. I love snuggling and spending time together intimately. Sometimes I get up again too, but not as much as I used to. Happy that you two have that special time together. 🙂

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