Sexy in Gray/Grey

My morning note included “Feel sexy in gray today.”   Gray? It is usually blue, black or red. I put on a gray top and went to work. Later Daddy texted and asked if I was wearing gray and when I responded yes he requested a photo. When I got home from work, he complimented me and told me to go get ready to go out.  On the bed was the latest Fifty Shades movie I had been wanting!  … At this point, you might be putting this together faster than I did. 😉

We went out to dinner and he once again commented on my shirt and said how he liked it and had not seen me wear it in a while.  We went home watched the movie had a little fun time and then were laying talking and he asked if I felt sexy today. “Yes Daddy.”   “Why?”  “Because you love me.”  “Did you feel sexy in the shirt?”  “Yes Sir.”  “Are you putting any of this together yet?” “Putting whaa”  I then broke out into laughter.   He had been trying so hard to get me to recognize the correlation. Lol  I can be a little dense.


14 thoughts on “Sexy in Gray/Grey

      • I LOVED the books! I was a little disappointment in the first movie, but mostly because I had no attraction to the actor that plays Christian. Ana was perfect though. How was the second movie?

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      • i like jamie 🙂 I thought it was good but i’m not sure i would hate it. i have an emotional attachment to them. lol Daddy (did not read the books) thought it had more character development. the scenes were a lot tamer and the movie is never long enough to cover everything.

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      • I’m looking forward to watching it. I do enjoy the dynamic between the two actors. I think I’ve read the books about a million times…

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      • I suppose it was for me as well….my husband and I had always enjoyed spanking, but playful ones. After I read the books, and I realized there could be punishment spankings, I started researching BDSM, as I thought that’s what they were doing in the movie. That didn’t seem quite right for us, but from that research, I eventually found domestic discipline, head of household, D/s 24-7….and that feels right 🙂

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      • i liked the kinky fuckery. lol that lead me to search for more D/s erotica. i found the Brie series and it was while reading those that I thought that maybe submission was the next level i was looking for in our relationship.

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