Finding Your Tribe


Monika Carless did a Facebook post with this quote and talked about the importance in finding your tribe.  Tribe makes a little more sense than my poly friendship concept.  😆

The quote really struck me. Loneliness isn’t necessarily having no one around but having no one around that you can share your true identity with. A feeling of being unable to be your authentic self. When you are unable to share your truths, your desires, what brings you great joy and also your pain it creates a sense of being alone in the world.

I think maybe a lot of the time the friends we make “in real life” or the family we socialize with don’t always know the real us. We don’t feel comfortable sharing because we think we know what their opinion would be based on the years of knowing them. It can feel safer to just go along with your public persona.  

That is the beauty of the internet. You can search out groups for just that aspect that you want to share but don’t feel safe doing in person. You can make new friends that don’t have a specific image of you already set in their minds.

I am so very grateful for the tribe of friends I have made. They don’t all know each other but they are my web of friendships. They have unique perspectives and lend support in their own ways. They know more of the real me than anyone besides Daddy. They understand the most important thing about me – the depth of my relationship with Daddy. Having friends know and accept that means I am a lot less lonely.


15 thoughts on “Finding Your Tribe

  1. I have experienced the loneliness in a full house all too often. I refuse to do it any more. I will do my best to speak my truth.
    But to have found someone who embraces me with all these things that some would consider flaws, to have found a community of people who support me as I share my joys and struggles… This is invauable!
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

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  2. Thank you for highlighting the importance of being able to be your true self! I’ve found this to be so difficult in my “real” life as I feel to embarrassed to really share the changes that Daddy and I have made in our relationship with friends and family. But, WordPress has been a great outlet and I wanted to thank you for being a part of my journey! I always look forward to your comments 🙂

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  3. My darling one – you are so very very right. for all my life – and i kid you not – i have never fitted in anywhere. There has always been … a distance. But… now because of Darling Master, i have found you, and others just like you and me – You are my tribe – and i love you all so much.

    The freedom that i feel because of you … is extraordinary. Never in my wildest dreams did i ever think that i would find my place.

    As we all know, it is not always roses and sweet kisses. There are such hard times… Living in this kinky little world is liberating but also complicated – to be able to read others words and have others read mine – and be able to know that i am no longer the freak that i thought i was ….

    I treasure you – truly truly truly x

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    • oh you seem so lovely! i think here through writing and not seeing an image, at least not at first, you get to really know where the others heart is. you can tell when it’s heart and when it is all abut image


    • i think i may have got myself in a muddle – beetles bugs and flutterbys is my new blog (supposed to be clean – just for my photographs) – and i left you a message through that one – (above – but it was supposed to come from me… agatha… and not my clean and normal blogs… whooops… im not very good at this clandestine thing… Darling – truly – i don’t know where i would be without you , and others, – your words, your life – you allow me hope that soon things will be ok and Master will have me by His side – for always –

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  4. I have truly enjoyed reading your insights and experiences. I have my own struggles and feel very comfortable with the folks here.
    (catching up on comments, LOL)

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