Do I want to be dominated or do I want to submit?

I was reading something the other day and there was a comment something like they want to be dominated more than they want to submit.

I think I could have used that question throw an at me a few times along this journey and maybe I did but not in those terms.

Yes I want to be dominated, usually. I think that is the hot fantasy thoughts but what I desire more is to submit to him.

I need to please him, to be his good girl and make him happy. I want that more than I want him to give me a list of rules to follow. If I need a little extra control I ask for it. I ask permission for a snack or to put my pj’s on. I ask him to take my shoes off or to reach something in the cabinet. I don’t have to wait on his dominance. I actively submit.


5 thoughts on “Do I want to be dominated or do I want to submit?

  1. This doesn’t surprise me, considering your journey.
    You started out by asking him to dominate, but it is YOU who sought this type of relationship, of way of life (I refuse to use lifestyle, as I feel this word has been abused so much it got a connotation I don’t like).
    And along the way, you realised that you couldn’t change him (didn’t want to either!) and decided to submit actively, which gave him the freedom to experience his dominance.
    At least that’s the way I read it through your words 😊!

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