Perseverance – 25 years for real this time


Yesterday was the actual anniversary of our first date. Since I handled the celebration a month earlier…

Daddy took care of it this time. Lol He told me he had plans for the evening.

In the morning my note was a writing assignment. Part one was write two things you loved about the last 25 years. I wrote him a journal page for each. One was that he was my best friend. He has been since the beginning. The second was that we never quit. Despite the difficulties and the heartache we kept trying or just hung in there at times. Kayla used the word perseverance in her podcast today and that totally fits. In our hearts we always knew the other was a good person and there was love there. We just didn’t know how to communicate. Thank goodness we are a couple of stubborn hard headed individuals that wanted nothing more than to love each other.

Oh and the evening was based on a mixture of both our first and second dates. All kids and significant others arrived and we went out for pizza and ice cream. It was perfect.


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