Wax Play – Not the weekend highlight

Friday I texted Daddy and told him that I was craving some play time. That evening after dinner I got my wish. He braided my hair, blindfolded me and put me on the tablecloth he laid on the bed. A light massage with oil to start with and then came the hot drips of wax. I was surprised at how arousing it was. Wax, wand, a nice fucking and I was in bliss.

Saturday was an event I had been dreading, a party for my father and stepmother. I was fretting over being asked to participate in the ceremony last minute. Daddy told me I was to stop worrying about it and that he would take care of it if it happened. That was challenging. It did not come to that but I had decided I would accept however he decided to handle the situation. Even if it made me uncomfortable or had future ramifications. I have no idea what he envisioned and he isn’t a hot head so I’m sure he would not have caused a scene. At the same time I know that he has held back over the years because of me. If the need arose he would speak up for me knowing he has my trust.

Throughout the night he continually reassured me that I was his babygirl. He squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear through the toasts that I found difficult to listen to. I made us matching bracelets from the napkin ribbon and he proudly wore it while taking some light kidding from others. During our required presence on the dance floor he held me tight against him and said he didn’t give a fuck when I asked him if he thought we were being too affectionate for everyone.

I’m a lightweight when it comes to liquor and I did not have that many but I managed to end up trashed. He took me home reassuring me that he loved me when I cried along the way. He listened as I giggled while drunk texting the kids and telling all of the little group how much I loved them. At home he stripped me and put me in bed. He tucked my tigers in my arms and put a cold washcloth on my head.

This weekend I had the whole package, sexual and emotional. Play time was great but it wasn’t the highlight.


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