My Toolbox

My submission is the expression of my love and devotion for my husband. It is part of me and makes me whole. I am responsible for my submission. Therefore, I am proactive in creating things that help me.

Kneeling is something I did a lot in the beginning. I used it frequently to calm my mind. I realized the other night that I don’t use it as often anymore. I’m not sure if I am in need of it less or maybe I’m relying more on the other tools I have created.

One thing I do is hold my hands out, palms up as if I am presenting something and I will take a deep breath. Sometimes I say, “Let it go” if I’m stressed or struggling. Other times I may do it when I am filled with happiness. It is a visual reminder and a physical action tying me to that decision to let go into it. I find that I use this a lot because unlike kneeling it can be done anywhere.  It can even be done in the car – briefly at stoplights. Don’t do a “Look Ma NO hands!”

I also created a personal mantra that I say at least once daily. I don’t share it because I want to keep it personal. It includes things I need to remember like patience. 😉 Another part of it is that he loves me and that I am responsible for my submission.

I think any submissive could use a few tools. They help you reset and remind you of your purpose and desire of this commitment. I know many dominants create these for their submissives but if yours does not then create them for yourself. I created my mantra with things that I knew he wanted me to be mindful of and then I reviewed it with him before I committed it to memory. Find inspiration online or start writing your own. The submissives prayer is one I see used a lot. You could also do an acronym. I used one I found online for a while before I created my mantra.

I choose to serve in submission.


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