Book Report: Real Service by: Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny

Two of my friends have already reviewed this book so it’s time for my report. Little Pearl found this gem and on her glowing recommendation several of us followed.

Missy beat me to the punch and submitted her review next.

I think anyone desiring a dominant submissive relationship should pick up a nonfiction book describing day-to-day life by an experienced person/couple. Hopefully you will find one that, as in this one, will explain to you that your life isn’t suddenly going to become a fantasy or high-class unless that is already your lifestyle.

In this book two styles of dominance are defined as parental and celebrity. They go on to give an example of two different couples that are on the very extreme ends of each style. In one couple the Dom arranges the evening, drives, orders for the sub, and takes care of the bill because the sub isn’t allowed to handle money. Where in the other couple the sub handles all of those tasks so the Dom is pampered and taken care of.

The first couple is very FSOG and I have to say what I think quite a few of the new submissives have their sights set on. That is the fantasy that draws them in. So they crave to be submissive and want him to become their Dom but what if what he desires is the second couple? Uh oh That isn’t necessarily fun or sexy is it?

Honestly, I don’t see how you could be a married submissive and not have service incorporated in your dynamic unless you were strictly D/s in the bedroom. To me that is just a part of daily life. The book included many pages of various different services that could be rendered but also points out “If the master doesn’t want it, it isn’t service.” A really good idea to keep in mind when he doesn’t acknowledge or fawn over all the hard work you did.

I enjoyed the book. It gave realistic perspective on how living this life isn’t just a fairy tale and that it takes time and constant revision to establish a working system.

“Eventually – and please understand that this process took a couple of years…”

I also found useful tips on the mindset of working in a service job that I can utilize in my day job.


2 thoughts on “Book Report: Real Service by: Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny

  1. I agree with your review and I enjoyed the way the book was written as well as finding the content accessible and very useful. My post wasn’t meant to be a review but more about the impact that reading the book had on my thinking which I think is testament to what you are saying. I needed to read this book!

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