The One Left Behind

When we started dating I was still in high school with an evening job and Daddy worked day hours. On nights I was working he would get off work and then park in the lot at my job and wait for me to go on break. He would wait well over an hour to see me for fifteen minutes. You bet your ass I didn’t let this one get away.

One evening I did not want to tear myself away from him and I said I wished that we could just take off. He said let’s do it and so we did. I got in my car and we raced out of the parking lot and met in a nearby park to figure out what next. We spent the evening hanging out and I never went back to that job. It was stupid and irresponsible. What I regret most is that I left my favorite pen in my smock pocket. It was pink and white. Clicker type and it wrote so smoothly. It’s been almost twenty five years but I have not forgotten you. #penlove

* Not the actual pen. Regretfully I have no photos of it.  -photo from google


11 thoughts on “The One Left Behind

  1. Was it irresponsible to do what both your hearts told you to do and to figure out a way forward together? As a teen, I think that was pretty responsible.
    Irresponsible would have been not to be prepared to face the consequences. You did. So kuddos to you both 🙂

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