Successfully Struggling

I wrote a post about struggling earlier in the week and I am thankful for those that responded with encouragement. It is touching. Of course there is that part of me that gets a little defensive. I don’t want anyone to think that because I post about the difficulties that I struggle all of the time. It’s quite the opposite. I am happy a lot. I have a Daddy I adore that treats me like his princess. The progress in our relationship over the last two and half years is nothing short of amazing.

I share because not everyone is the same but sometimes it seems like you are the only one that is different. It helps to find that someone struggles with the same issue you do. I believe if you use the right search terms and google till your bleary eyed you will find someone out there that you can relate to.

I’m thinking of writing about what I was struggling with this last week but part of me hesitates. It puts me in a vulnerable position and I do not want pity. I also don’t want to be dismissed as someone that doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. 


28 thoughts on “Successfully Struggling

      • Darling one – don’t be perplexed… it is your words, your struggles that let me know in the beginning that i was not alone… That all the crazy in my head… was also the crazy in another’s head…

        Devotion to Master has always been easy – the patience… it has its moments, but now it is most certainly easier than it was … and one of those reasons… are the words yo right my sweet lovely Tora -x

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      • sweet one – please please – understand, from the funny stories to the obstacles in life… just knowing that there is such a precious creature like you … it is enough to hold this slave strong.

        i truely hope that when i write to you, you feel my words as i feel yours x

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  1. I have learned that vulnerability is what connects us. I didn’t see your post last week. Sad face. I am pulling my head out of the quicksand. I would never dismiss you. I don’t know what I am taking about prolly alot of the time BUT we are real. If we didn’t have struggles o guess life would be a piece of cake. We would just get fat. We need substance…struggles keep us feeling …

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  2. I want to write: and so what if you indeed had needed an ego boost? What’s wrong about THAT?
    Seriously, this is YOUR journal. You write whatever makes YOU feel good. And whatever needs to come out at one particular time.
    We love you because we can feel you are true, not trying to hide behind a perfect facade. The fact you trust us with your highs and lows and open up to us and support us when WE are going through a tough time… that’s the most important thing to me.

    I understand feeling silly for reacting to certain things that my reason can explain away but still hurt my soul, make my mind react.
    For example last week, when I received a notice from the judge and it triggered me into a mild panic attack. I KNEW i t was silly. But the uneasy feelings were still there.

    Hang in there. You’ll figure it out.
    Love you Princess!

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  3. Princess I feel exactly like that sometimes. We should be honest and real but that makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes. I hope that you have sorted things out now.


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