Kim Anami

LOVE THIS!!   Check this woman she is awesome. She also lifts shit with her vagina.

Instagram – Kimanami

The biggest sign of being a well-f**ked woman? ⠀

Not giving a shit. ⠀

She “dances like no one is watching” and she has fully “come into” herself.⠀

She’s “out.”⠀

She doesn’t give a shit what you or anyone else thinks about her clothes or her life choices or her sexual activities.⠀

Does it make her heart soar and her vagina wet?⠀

That’s all that matters.⠀

She’s impervious to all else.⠀

Her well-f**ked glow is like a force field around her.⠀

It protects and attracts.⠀⠀



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