This Space Is Not My Own

You ever get to the point that you feel you can’t share on your own blog?

It’s no longer a free space without consequences. 

That even here you’ve built a reputation or an image or have tried.

No place to flush out the inner turmoil.


13 thoughts on “This Space Is Not My Own

  1. You can make individual posts private if you want to journal something freely without worrying about what others think. Or you can just keep reminding yourself, like I do, that this is YOUR space and who cares what others think! Get back to the main reason you started your blog. Was it for followers or was it for yourself?

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  2. I struggled with that when G read me.
    Now, I feel much freer.
    Some days, I think it would be easier to simply give the link to The Dancer, but then I would worry about what I can and cannot write again.

    So I keep pasting posts I want him to read.

    As for others… I used to care about followers, write for an audience. It all stopped when I had to go private.

    I still love the exchanges I get with my few readers, love to read their own thoughts.
    But yes, this is YOUR page. If someone doesn’t like it, they can go read someone else!

    Hugs. (And for what it’s worth, I prefer reading genuine posts, that talk about someone’s joys and struggles, that help me figure out how I can get forward in life myself).

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  3. Kit writes her blog to express her own struggles so when Master is available, He can read it and understand what Kit is going through. So in a way Kit’s posts help Kit to sort out her thoughts and for Master to better understand the Kit. If that’s your original intent of writing a blog, keep at it. Like sayyidsgirl said, you can still write posts and keep it private if you don’t feel comfortable sharing =)

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  4. YES! I have definitely felt this way before. Last year my privacy was violated and I left behind a blog that I had long enjoyed writing in. I still mourn the loss of that space and what I’d built there, the readers I’d come to listen to. I started this new one and it’s not the same. I love the idea of what sayyidsgirl said in the making a post private, for yourself, to give you the space to write out your thoughts. This YOUR space! Big hugs.

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  5. I think we all have felt that way one time or another, but remember you started your blog for you, to express your thoughts and emotions. It doesn’t matter what others think may they be your followers or people that just have an issue. THIS is YOUR DOMAIN! (If it is a personal issue you are writing about, make it private or password the post for only certain people to see)


  6. I get the public v private and I get that everyone finds a different way comforting or comfortable.

    If you are one to write and you don’t already do so, consider a journal of sorts. Have a running list of potential topics and write out the ones that you feel are somewhat developed. This would allow you to revisit and rework. If these things reach a point where you find them ready, share.

    It’s your soapbox and your voice. Use it (or silence it) only by choice. Mine output pales compared to most but I do it because it’s my place to have a voice. Hate to see you squelch yours due to external pressure.


  7. Yes! But ignore us or this! This is your space. Don’t let anyone, including yourself let you feel otherwise. We all have a million facets to who we are. I’m finally realising that I want to see everyone of mine. Do it!

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  8. I hear you. I posted that I was happy and hours later texted you I was not. It makes me seem not real. I swing back and forth theses days from moment to moment. Write what you need to. For him, for you, for us. I think we all have struggled with different things yet amazed at how they help us all. I feel I can’t always share some things. I try to wait it out and see whether it was an impulse or a feeling. My impulses get me in trouble.

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