I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I like animals. 🙂  In our neighborhood there is a house where a gigantic mastiff lives.  He is SO CUTE!!!  Originally he had a chaise lounge pulled up in front of the big front windows where he would be curled up napping.  Then at some point that was gone and I feared the worst. I was quite relieved when I once again spotted him in the window. Without his chair putting him at the right height it made spotting him difficult. It can be hard to get a glimpse of him if he isn’t sitting up or the sun isn’t in the right position. They haven’t made it any easier for me with the tinted windows.  I don’t know if they felt the car that would slowly pass their house was creepy or what.  Lmao   


Anyway it had been a while since I have seen him and once again I was afraid but TODAY I SAW HIM!!! He was sitting in the window when I once again made my not at all stalkerish drive by.  Hmmmmm  I did get a new car. Maybe they were just on to me. 😉


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