Sven – Daddy Assignment

Daddy assignment – pick a coloring page, color, tell me why you picked it and it’s background story.


This is Sven he is a very happy guy who smiles at everyone and calls them Dude. I picked him because his big smile makes me happy and he’s a dog. He is on his way back to the beach to go surfing. He rides a moped around town but he lives in his van by the beach. He picked out this moped because the seat is asparagus green and he thinks that’s funny because asparagus makes your pee smell.

*Oh and his teeth are very white and he makes his dentist proud.  – added by Emily


11 thoughts on “Sven – Daddy Assignment

  1. I love his story!!
    Really LOVE it!
    As for the news, I’m like Rita. I skim here and there but can’t be bothered to invest too much energy in it at the moment. The dotard doesn’t deserve more of my energy.

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