Daddy Things

“Does doing Daddy things turn you on?”   I threw it out there as we ate our bread and salad snuggled together on the same side of the booth. I pretty much knew the answer. I expected that he would say something along the lines of No not really.  

There was no mistaking the night before that he was turned on as he undressed me.  Now we aren’t talking a “sexy” undressing. This was a take my shoes and socks off, untie them and tuck the laces inside. Then arms up and lift my shirt over my head, remove my bra then lay back lift my hips and pull of my jeans. I was instructed to lay under the fan and cool off a bit before he returned with my jammies and dressed me. This was a Daddy undressing and yet I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants.

I wondered if the Daddy thing turned him on but I presumed it was just a case of him being already aroused. I figured that at least it was a sign that the Daddy thing didn’t turn him off. So I was rather astounded when he said Yes.




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