Adult Reading Materials

My jammies were on and I had turned down the bed as instructed. Snuggled up next to him he told me I was going to have to help turn the pages. The book he ordered must have arrived but I wondered what the cover would look like and if we should be reading it with the door open. All I knew was that he had ordered a book and I assumed it had to do with sex. Lol

I am pretty sure my mouth fell open when he pulled this out. You see weeks prior, I had seen this book somewhere. I snuck a quick photo and texted him saying something about really wanting to read it but it wasn’t appropriate at the time. I had no idea that he had looked for it in stores and when he couldn’t find it anywhere he ordered it off Amazon out of the country.

So he read it to me and I turned the pages. He had me point to and count the different animals. ☺️

Once again he floored me. 💗


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