Seeking New Layers

I don’t want to allow the rules or structure of D/s to prevent us from adding or trying something else that could benefit our relationship.

THERE!!! I think that is what I have been rambling and trying to verbalize all of this time. The fuck the labels and all that shit.

We had an amazing day Saturday that he planned just for me. I’m such a lucky woman. We talked a lot and I felt he has been very confused by my care / not care about the D/s. We talked about layers like Ogres and onions and Finally that sentence came out. He said that helped clarify things.

I am not looking to drop what we have instituted nor do I wish to level off. Quite the opposite, I do not want to get pegged into any hole. (insert dirty joke here – tee hee) I see things on a different horizon drawing my attention. I need to follow. I realize that I am guiding this evolution. I am the seeker and he is happy to hear “Look what I found Daddy!”


8 thoughts on “Seeking New Layers

  1. Dear princess I totally understand what you’re saying it’s like the light bulb goes in and you understand yourself exactly what you’ve been trying to explain. It’s a good feeling.


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