I wrote this two years ago and I don’t think I’d change a thing.
He is my steady rock. He is the one encouraging me to try and assuring me no matter what he will always be my Daddy.


For my Daddy the motivation in why he agreed to be my dominant is not because he must be right or that he enjoys getting his way or that he needs to have total compliance by me. He is doing this because I asked for it and he wants to please me and give me what I want. To me this seems somewhat counterintuitive to what a Dom should be. Is it though?

He is just not the type of person that thrives on control. That is not what he gets from this.

I need to feel the structure and the guidance from him. I love the feeling of safety knowing he is in control brings me. I have the strong need to do things for him that show my appreciation. These things give me his attention that I so desperately long for. Through this I am getting what I…

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