Chicken Sweater

Sitting next to Daddy surfing while he watches tv.


me:  If your chicken needs a sweater I have a pattern.

Daddy:  what?

me:  If your chicken needs a sweater I found a pattern.

Daddy:  a  l r i g h t


I think it loses something without the tone of his voice. lmao




13 thoughts on “Chicken Sweater

  1. There is irony afoot here. (Please hear this without thinking I’m being mean everyone. Just being honest, educating and providing a different POV.)

    This is why country people laugh at city people. Putting that on a chicken would keep it from lofting. It would be unable to regulate it’s temperature and be at risk of freezing to death or overheating.

    Wonder how many well meaning people see that as they ponder the next craft, make their chickens sweaters, put them on them and retire for the night on their 10 acre “farm” only to wake to some dead birds. Kind of scary to me.

    Have to admit that it’s both cute and creative though.

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    • I don’t think people understand that birds, even chickens, can fluff their feathers to make a warm downy coat. How do they think the little birds like sparrow and chickadees stay warm in the winter. Nobody makes them sweaters, lol.


      • The idea is an endearing one and I doubt that the creative mind which did this first meant harm. My first image was opening the chicken house and seeing a multi-hued bunch of hens. That made me smile and the thought that followed (above) made me laugh. It’s a sweet thought that I hope is only used properly.

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