“Yoga Trapeze”


Text conversation that happened pre-Christmas.
D: “What do you think about a yoga trapeze?”
Me: “I think a sex swing would be put to better use.”
D: “I am being serious. I would like to decompress my spine. There are also leg stretching exercises.”

I WAS being serious. 😉 He sent photos of the trapeze and exercise poster that goes with it.

That night when I got home in addition to a new ceiling fan there was also a large eye hook in the ceiling. The trapeze had not been purchased yet.

A few days later this conversation took place in my room.
Kid2: “Yeah kid3 pointed that out.” (pointing to the hook)
me: “What is that?” (feigning shock)
Kid2: “Yeah we know it’s for your sex swing. Gross”

Daddy was a bit embarrassed when I replayed that conversation.
D: “Sex swing?! No it’s for a yoga trapeze.”

On Christmas day after gifts with the kids we retreated to the bedroom where I got to open naughty presents from Daddy. The big one was a sex swing. 😉


9 thoughts on ““Yoga Trapeze”

  1. Do be very careful if the studs, their orientation and their nature isn’t known. A large pillow on the floor (under your head) isn’t a bad idea if there are doubts.

    Remember my accident in April? Wasn’t to hard to explain a head injury from that accident to neighbor’s or coworkers but… Do you really want to tell the boss you won’t be in for three weeks because your swing wasn’t mounted securely? Just sayin….

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