2018 Word of Intention & 2017 Recap

For 2017 I chose Reconnect  as my word of  intention.  I have to give myself a failing grade on that one. I never once got together with my old high school friend, I missed getting several birthday cards in the mail, I’m not even sure if I sent my grandmother a birthday card.  Sigh 😦   I am going to attempt this again this year. No reason to give up because I’ve chosen a new focus for the new year.


In 2018 I am going to focus on Soft. It is a term that I come across a lot lately. Someone I follow on fb even teaches a course by that name. For me it is embracing my femininity. There is always a time and a place but I believe that we don’t always have to be “hard” to compete with a man. I think feminine qualities are needed in daily life for balance.

I decided on this word yesterday. Daddy was getting grumpy as the end of our vacation time is quickly approaching. I was pissed that he was getting that way and I wanted to go off on him. Fortunately I like to think before I speak and Soft popped into my head. So I took him by the hand and brought him in the bedroom and had him lay down with his head in my lap. I stroked his head and put another hand in his shirt so I could touch his skin. “I can’t do this for the next three days.” I said in a calm tone. We talked a little and it didn’t totally change his mood but it softened his energy.

It is easiest to embrace the soft parts of me with Daddy but I am curious to see how I can use it in other relationships.

Happy New Year  and don’t forget…



5 thoughts on “2018 Word of Intention & 2017 Recap

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  2. I’m reading this now (how did I get to like it before I even read it? Must be my fat fingers on my phone 😉)

    I love how you were able to state your needs while hearing his.

    I had to write a lot last night, so that I was able to let my Love know of all the things that have hurt me in the last few weeks. Things he most certainly wasn’t aware of.

    With the ex, it would have turned into a big argument. With my Love? I was able to state my feelings and hurt without lashing at him. I think he hears what I’m saying. It feels good to know that.

    Glad you were able to tell him.

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