It wasn’t lost on me when I wrote about wanting a place we could have loud sex that I was planning our 25th anniversary trip.

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Don’t wanna

Don’t stay up late. It’s going to be a long week he says.

But Daddy I don’t wanna go to work. I just wanna stay home and play with my code.


He is my safe place, where I seek refuge from the big world.
He provides a place to preserve the tender part of my soul. His space nurtures my little and protects her from extinction.
Daddy – my Sanctuary

I Can Be Wonder Woman

The welcome letter for the training program I’m starting included a little encouragement. It said “there will be times when you want to be this” – photo of kitten hiding under papers – “and you must chose to be this” – photo of the recent badass Wonder Woman. It is a program geared specifically towards women. 😉

This could not have been more perfect for me.  Kitties and my all-time favorite female superhero.

I have mentioned my WW Underoos before.

After possibly mentioning it to Daddy a few times he got me a pair for Christmas. Last week he had me wear them under my clothes to work. 🙂

I’m scared and nervous returning to the classroom after 12 years. I am worried about where I will sit, if I’m the oldest person there and whether people will think my laptop is silly. 🙄 I am bringing a different water bottle other than the My Little Pony one I use even at work. I just can’t bare to be full on me at least not at first but I think I got this because I am Wonder Woman.

“You can do anything”

If you are a little old school. 😉