He Needs To Hear It

“Do you know it’s been a few days since I’ve heard you call me Daddy?” “No” that can’t be true. Surely I said it last night as he changed my clothes and got me ready for the little party. “Last night?” “Nope” as he shakes his head. Well I know I have said it in text. “Written or verbal?” “Verbal.”  

Hmmm So he needs to hear Daddy as much as I need to hear Babygirl. Wow It amazes me how important this has become for him. 


14 thoughts on “He Needs To Hear It

  1. Great post. Important topic. They know something is a miss if we don’t call them Daddy. (Where in the world IS little). Or have they done something wrong or are we unhappy or…long list. wait..a little party? Um wilbear is interested. He got a new phone and can’t hangout. No numbers…. including yours. Thank God cinn texted me so I have hers. JS

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