Strangers Like Me – The Importance in Finding Your Little Tribe

“I wanna know, can you show me
I wanna know about these strangers like me
Tell me more, please show me
Somethings familiar about these strangers like me”
– Strangers Like Me – Phil Collins

Being a Little can make you feel a little… unique. While you might enjoy that special feeling, there are bound to be times you feel just the opposite. Finding others that share this trait can combat the loneliness and lend support when you question why you are different. Plus who doesn’t love a play date?

A few weeks ago I posted a survey asking how your Little friendships have impacted your life.

Today I answer my own questions.

Has discovering other Littles had an impact on how you see yourself? Is it easier to accept this part of yourself?

Most definitely!  I have always had this conflicted view when it comes to my age and maturity. I’ve never felt “normal”. Embracing this side of me, at times, has intensified the feeling of being weird but it has also shown me that it is ok to be myself.

Has finding other Littles helped you feel less alone in the world?

Yes I never knew other people felt the same as I do. I assumed I was the only one. It really helps in those times that I don’t think anyone understands me.

Do you find your relationships with your Little friends to be more intimate than other friendships?

Yes they are. I don’t talk about my sex life or personal details about my marriage with anyone else. I also don’t talk cutesie talk with others. There’s no such thing as TMI.

Is it easier to form friendships with other Littles?  

Yes because there are so many things you can bond over. Stuffies, cute animals, Daddy tushies, Disney movies, PENS!


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