I have acquiesced to Daddy calling a tree trimmer. I have reserved the right to call in a Squirrel Relocation Team prior to any work being done.





When it is a common occurrence to see teenagers file out of their school with hands on their heads and be frisked by police … how numb are we?

When the leader of what is supposed to be “the greatest country” is dehumanizing people by calling them animals … where is the hope?

When your kid texts you from her high school “another shooting in Texas” … how do you not feel helpless to protect them?


When In Doubt…

Read your own god damn blog!
I was looking for a photo I thought might be in my media files here and just started reading a few posts. You know what I am pretty damn insightful! Can I put myself in my blog feed? Lol I am the only person I should be comparing myself to.