When In Doubt…

Read your own god damn blog!
I was looking for a photo I thought might be in my media files here and just started reading a few posts. You know what I am pretty damn insightful! Can I put myself in my blog feed? Lol I am the only person I should be comparing myself to.



16 thoughts on “When In Doubt…

  1. Absolutely love it. When we look at others we tend to cover our inadequacies and boast our strengths, thus we stay at one place and never grow. When we honestly look to ourselves, we need to foster our strengths and be kind to ourselves when we face our weakness. That’s the way to grow. Thank you for the reminder =D!

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  2. I just read an article about comparing our common humanity. Of course the real gem would be looking at how we are like. Build connection.. you know like little stuff. Stuffy state of the union and what are soothing tonics

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