ME and this blog

I changed the tag line on my site months ago. It was “a married woman’s journey into D/s” or something like that. I’ve been uncomfortable with that for some time. One night I changed it to just “ME”.  There’s no pressure to live up to that because that is truth. I’m me.

I started this blog to connect with others and form friendships. I also wanted to tell my story to encourage others like me. I was discouraged by some because I didn’t follow their teachings. With No one true way there needs to be more than one example of how to go about things. So maybe most won’t relate to my story but I think it’s possible there could be another person out there like me. Scary as that may seem. 🙂

I don’t know where this blog is going … if anywhere. I do know it is not a D/s blog. It’s definitely not a sex blog. It’s a blog about me. It’s got some D/s elements. It has sex, though it’s not an everyday thing. It has coloring pictures and tributes to my husband of twenty-five years that I adore and call Daddy, in and out of the bedroom. 😉  It also has squirrels and not enough #extremesquirrelporn.

Whatever it is, it is real.


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