word vomit

not feeling like writing; not knowing what to write; have an idea, start, decide why bother

changes of 2018 are slow, and fast – does that make sense?  not fast enough in the switching jobs and yet for someone who doesn’t like change …

boss quit 2 weeks ago and i am overwhelmed, relieved, jealous, confused

my 2 new favorite phrases “i am one person” (and there are 200 of you) and “i don’t know” (and I really don’t care much anymore)

no Mr CIO you cannot “just plug it in and it will work”  omfg

i went to a networking event for the new career Mingling! I HATE MINGLING I Suck at it  Thankfully a few other people made introductions… no clue what their names are 🙄  … but they gave out STICKERS!!!!   Instant reward I ❤ it

i should jot things down as soon as they happen. Daddy and I had a hilarious conversation the other night but all i can remember is it started with me saying “my tits look awesome in this lighting”

Daddy suggested a little topic of Disney crossovers   Elsa riding the carpet with Aladdin and others but I just can’t wrap my brain around that.   Is it just me? maybe I’m a pureist

“Be patient with me. I’m not perfect.” sigh Yes Daddy. I know i have issues when he falls from that pedestal i have put him on.

in 2 months and 1 hour we will have been married 25 years … silly Daddy married me when I was 4 lol

it’s past my bedtime…

i saw a hawk eating a squirrel 😦

crayons smell good in a coffee can (metal can)

good night john boy


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