Bringing them into the light

I have not openly talked about my online friends with my children.  Now they are not stupid and they have known for quite some time that I am chatting online.  I have been given many a lecture about how who I am chatting with could really be a “middle aged man in his mother’s basement”. Lmao  When I talk to Daddy about my friends I tend to lower my voice around the kids. I am not ashamed of them, I think it is just due to the nature of our meeting.  I’m not good at lying and so telling them I met them in a quilting forum wouldn’t be convincing. Lol

Saturday I got the news just a couple hours before an extended family bbq.  Daddy texted all of the kids and let them know that someone I was close to was gone. It wasn’t discussed but I got extra hugs and they were sympathetic.

In the next few months I am planning to meet a few of these friends in person. Last night I casually mentioned to my oldest the conference and friend that I would be meeting. I gave little detail as I hadn’t quite planned it out.  This morning I realized I really do want to let the kids know about my friends. I want to talk about them openly. Elsewhere too. I lost a really good friend and part of me wanted to say something when I was asked How was your time off?  Alright was what I said when I really wanted to say it fucking sucked.


6 thoughts on “Bringing them into the light

  1. My kids know about my online friends, and I am lucky to say that some have also become close, real life friends that they have met. People meet in so many different ways and under endless circumstances. So why are the friends we meet online any less important? They aren’t. They are the friends that probably know us best because we have been open and honest with our true inner feelings. I am truly sorry for your loss. Just because you didn’t see her on a daily basis doesn’t lessen the loss to your heart.

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  2. I can understand this princess and it has been a comfort to me to know that those close to me knew of her already. I haven’t shared everything of course but then I wouldn’t if it was someone I knew in real life either. Some of the stuff of friendships is not suitable family material. The fact that you had an amazing friend who you loved is though. And I think that to realize you want to share more from now on is a positive. ❤️

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  3. I met my Queen on-line. At first I was reluctant to admit this but now I say it proudly. There was a bit of a stigma associated with on-line meetings at the time. It has lessened since then. I think the critical aspect of any friendship is how you are treated and how it makes you feel. From an outsider looking in, Emily was a very good friend to you. Real friends are precious regardless of how you met!

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  4. I talk about my friends in front of my son. He never asks how we met, but I’m sure he wonders. He’s met a few because they visited us, and I’m so glad to have that because we have memories together to share about them. They are my real friends, no less than my bestie next door, so I decided to be real about them. If I love them, that’s what matters. Your kids are big, TP, and they are used to your quirks. Go big. Xo

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