I love you.

I know it is something I say no less than 99 times a day. I so want to take pen to paper and write words that will paint a beautiful picture of heartfelt expression. Though I am just not that articulate. I try but I am never satisfied that I have done justice to my feelings for you. When I say I love you through tears or bursts of giggles know that it is not just something that I say it is something that I feel deep in my soul.

Twenty-five years passed in the blink of an eye. We’ve been through so much and yet I swear it was yesterday we giggled through our wedding vows. I’d do it with you all over again. You have given me a wonderful life.

Celebrating this milestone by fulfilling the promise of the yellow rose was perfect. I know there are plenty of dreams that we have yet to envision. So, here’s to the second twenty-five and may we lay the ground work for the third twenty-five.

I love you Daddy

❤ -p

P.S.  Please don’t kill me for filling your car with balloons. 😉


Which Wolf

When you scroll your blog feed, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, FetLife…

Which wolf are you feeding?