Why is the Gynecologist appointment so emotional?

Some people dread the annual gynecologist appointment but I really don’t.  I dread the waiting. That office seems to have the greatest potential for long delays. This year I decided to make a dentist appointment in the same day so I could justify taking the entire day as sick time. I loathe my job so much that I’m willing to endure those two appointments just for a day off.  Of the two I am really dreading the dentist.

That said the gynecologist office leaves me emotional in the last few years. It’s a reminder of my age and stage of life that creates sadness. The waiting room is full of pregnant women and women hauling new babies. There are dads that have come along to witness the ultrasound. I am here alone. As I wait for the doctor in my designer paper gown I hear the whooshing of the heartbeat monitor next door. I remember those times though now more than eighteen years ago. How did that time go so fast?

Four pregnancies, three live births I recount again for the doctor. Yes I can laugh without peeing myself and make it to the bathroom on time. “Wahoo You wouldn’t believe how uncommon that is for your age” she remarks. Sigh I’m 43.

It has become more emotional each year and yet I appreciate where I am at. I was fortunate to have that previous stage a few times over. I am there alone but so far everything is routine. There is the other side when the husbands come along because the news is not so good.

I don’t know maybe I’m just emotional because I have to go to the damn dentist next.