Why is the Gynecologist appointment so emotional?

Some people dread the annual gynecologist appointment but I really don’t.  I dread the waiting. That office seems to have the greatest potential for long delays. This year I decided to make a dentist appointment in the same day so I could justify taking the entire day as sick time. I loathe my job so much that I’m willing to endure those two appointments just for a day off.  Of the two I am really dreading the dentist.

That said the gynecologist office leaves me emotional in the last few years. It’s a reminder of my age and stage of life that creates sadness. The waiting room is full of pregnant women and women hauling new babies. There are dads that have come along to witness the ultrasound. I am here alone. As I wait for the doctor in my designer paper gown I hear the whooshing of the heartbeat monitor next door. I remember those times though now more than eighteen years ago. How did that time go so fast?

Four pregnancies, three live births I recount again for the doctor. Yes I can laugh without peeing myself and make it to the bathroom on time. “Wahoo You wouldn’t believe how uncommon that is for your age” she remarks. Sigh I’m 43.

It has become more emotional each year and yet I appreciate where I am at. I was fortunate to have that previous stage a few times over. I am there alone but so far everything is routine. There is the other side when the husbands come along because the news is not so good.

I don’t know maybe I’m just emotional because I have to go to the damn dentist next.


9 thoughts on “Why is the Gynecologist appointment so emotional?

  1. Oh I want to give you a hug. This post is so relatable to me. I’m 41, I had a total hysterectomy and instant menopause at 32. No babies for me and so I’ve spent many years in that waiting room holding back tears and feeling sad.
    I’ve mostly come to terms with all of it but those visits get to me.
    I hope you treat yourself to something today for enduring two appts.

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  2. Hugs. i am thankful to read this because i have wondered if i will feel this way someday. It is comforting to know that it is kinda normal. i am not sure i know how to age gracefully, but i guess the grace is in not being alone.

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  3. If it makes you feel any better, I usually can laugh without peeing myself, except for those times when a nagging cough has been a drain on a not-so-solid-anymore perineum… Yes, it is rather inconvenient. And I’m only a few years older than you, though I had a few more pregnancies and live births.
    Sigh! I have been to the gynecologist so many times in the past 5 years, my first mammogram wasn’t completely normal, check again in 6 months. Then abcesses, milk away from pregnancy… means more tests, to double, triple check. The an abnormal pap smear meant another unpleasant procedure, and for most of these, I was by myself. Trying not to hyperventilate and scare the pregnant women away.
    I don’t dread going to the gynecologist. I’ve been there so often throughout all the pregnancies, and following checks/tests. But I can promise you when they sent me for my first ultrasound following an abnormal mammogram, I found time was dragging, in that tech’s office. Similarly when I went for a check and the tech couldn’t find a heartbeat. I do understand why some women dread going.

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  4. We all set our own bar Not all of us can laugh without peeing.. you deserve ice cream. I bet you looked cute in your paper gown. Brave to do those two appointments on same day.. disclaimer: my Dr does house calls…

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