Rainbow Pants the Double Standard

In a crowd of jeans and black t-shirts the rainbow stretch pants drew my attention. Oh Wow OMG Look Away Don’t Stare. Whipping my head to look at the ceiling Yeah real subtle. It was apparent he was not wearing anything to contain himself under those tights.  His “directional indicator” (credit to a friend) was very eye catching.

Later at Hooters… I am assessing the ass and tits of every waitress. Why is it the man in rainbow tights made me uncomfortable?


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Pants the Double Standard

  1. ROFL, I just saw this. Men should not wear spandex leggings without containment, lol. It was difficult to miss the rainbow colors and his “directional indicator.”

    I think we are used to women having their “assets” on display more than men. But I would be just as uncomfortable near a woman in a tight t-shirt with no bra (or In a cup-less bra) whose nipples were “pointing the way”.

    Please keep the pointy things away from me, lol.

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