TV the Pacifier

You know how when you want some peace and quiet with some kids you can turn on their favorite show?  Well I recently found out that Daddy does that with me.

One day we were sitting in our chairs and while Daddy was channel surfing, I was yacking it up. Talking about who knows what. Probably anything and everything. He settled on a channel and the next thing I realize I had been silent for some time because I got enthralled in the program.  I turned to him and jokingly said “Did you turn this on so I would shut up?”  He got the biggest grin on his face.  “OMG you did!”

It is a technique he uses quite frequently now and I’m usually a few minutes in before I realize. “HEY!”  He grins and I go back to staring at the tv. It works. Lol

You might think it is cartoons or My Little Pony or #ExtremeSquirrelPorn but no it’s Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates.  It’s that beard. 😊




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