I’m hitting 40 we’ve been married 22 years and the kids are all high school and beyond.

For years I have been trying to find a way to express just how much my love for my husband has grown over the years. I felt a great need to take our relationship to another level but I never knew what that consisted of. I wrote him letters trying to express those feelings but it never seemed enough.

Then one day while reading D/s erotica the lightbulb just went off. This could be the answer I was looking for. The kinky sex is definitely great but I could have that without submitting to him. I want to allow him to lead and demonstrate my complete faith and trust in him.

I also found that I really want to feel his control in all aspects of our life. I feel more secure in our relationship and in my own mind believing and trusting that he has us.

I have spent a lot of time reading many D/s blogs. I find it is much easier for me to identify with what someone else wrote and in that I have been drawn to the Dd/bg relationship. I’m still discovering but I am finding such comfort in knowing that I am not alone and so much more of my life is making sense now.


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  1. Your kinda in the same boat as Sir and I. Married 22 years and our last kid graduates high school next spring! We started our D/s 3 years ago, and for me it has been a real hardship to let go of vanilla wife thinking, and insecurities about is this normal and right. But I’m finally there…. I never want to go back to a non D/s lifestyle!

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  2. I am not in a D/s relationship and am not sure it would be right for me, but… I can totally relate with the relief to figure out you’re not alone. In my case, not alone discovering how great sex can be after a 20+ year marriage, discovering what life without abuse is. Discovering I can live and be free. And that dating and finding Mr Right is not easy, but it’s also sort of a fun process, where I learn a lot about myself… 🙂

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