I did it anyway

I had been posting all day on FB little facts about our first date. I had made a poster board “Our first date was a softball game 25 years later…” I was going to surprise him by attending his basketball game and holding it up. I had stickers and glitter on it and everything!

So when I realized that this was not the anniversary date I was devastated. I went home instead and I cried all of the way there. My little group said I should go anyway but I thought that preposterous. It wasn’t the right date! They were very sweet and supportive and even offered to send the penguins.

I read back the texts Daddy sent when I had realized my error. He told me not to cry because he was already a mess. I had missed that part in all the tears. He was having a rough time. I felt bad that Daddy would miss out on me holding up the poster for him. Then I figured what the hell did it matter that it was the wrong date. I had already embarrassed myself by putting it all out on FB. I might as well go all out.

So I fixed my makeup, grabbed the poster and headed to the game. At half time I snuck the poster out and held it open for him to see. He had a big grin. After we took a photo with it. He said it was a very sweet surprise. Especially because it was a month early.

Little Party — | The SafeworD/s Club

Little Party tomorrow! at least i think it’s tomorrow and not a month from tomorrow


Attention all littles out there. I wanted to ask you to please support to my friends who have kindly agreed to host a chat for littles at The SafeworD/s Club tomorrow. Unlike most of our other chats so far, this one will take place in THE SNUG at 8-9 EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME so may…

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June 27, 1992 – Our first date NOPE!!

* I am a month early. Apparently after 25 years your mind goes too.

Fucking fuckitty fuck fuck fuck

You joked you were no MacGyver when my quarter got stuck in the pay phone. You sang along to Boot Scootin’ Boogie on the radio.

I was so nervous and shy. I barely spoke more than a few words and I wasn’t sure you would want to go out with me again.

Twenty five years seems so long and yet it has felt like the blink of an eye. I love you Daddy! ❤️

Bedtime Desires

Daddy rolls me to my side “Let’s try to get some sleep babygirl.” I love the feeling of being spooned by him, all snuggled in his embrace.

I find it difficult to do but I love it when I can fall asleep in his arms. I really try to sleep but then my mind starts to wander. What if he leaned over and sank his teeth in my neck as he slid his cock in me. Oooohh I am not sleeping now.

Normally he’s out instantly but tonight he is shifting around. Maybe there’s hope. 🙂 I shift a little too letting him know I am awake. I replay my hopeful scenario in my head a few times and hope maybe our close proximity will allow him to read my mind.

Then it happens, I feel his weight heavier on me and his breathing changes. Yes… he’s asleep. I feel not disappointment but happiness. I love that he can be curled around me and just sleep.

Night Whispers

When I get in bed at night I say to Daddy very quietly “I love you Daddy”. If I think he might actually be awake I say it even quieter. I don’t really want him to hear me only subconsciously. Lol Sometimes I whisper other things like “I want jelly doughnuts.” tee hee Last night I told him I loved him and that I need him and that I am lucky. Then I thanked him for not arguing and agreeing with me. 😂

Daddy Care & Self Care

 My morning note: “You are loved. Please sing in the shower. Feel cherished today. Daddy” Evanescence it is. I belted it out and really felt it this morning. 🙂

Daddy care is so special but self care is vitally important too. All of the responsibility cannot rest on Daddy’s shoulders. I must take care of myself for him. So on my own this morning I read from my book, put on a cute heart tattoo and picked out hot pink lacey panties. Also a lot of deep breaths and pulling that note from my pocket and reading it.

I love you Daddy ❤️