I’ve been struggling lately and I assume my anxiety is intensified by my hormones. Sometimes it’s just grand being a woman.

I texted Daddy today and told him I was struggling emotionally. He gave me an assignment for the day and checked in frequently. When I got home he removed my socks and shoes and my pants. tee hee I love it when he dresses/undresses me. He had me put on pj’s. I got extra pets and cuddles tonight.

It helps to be able to tell him that I’m struggling. In the past it all just came out as anger.

Laughter & Encouragement


I’ll get it.

No. Oh ok.

Did you think I was gonna run out there naked?

No I just don’t want you to have to do things because I fucked up.

You didn’t fuck up. You forgot to bring the pillow. That does not meet fucked up level.

Now I had him laughing. He was saying that is how he keeps himself on task. I said NO that is how you keep yourself stressed out!

I do my best to bring laughter and joy to his life. I also try my damndest to get him to lighten up. 

Chicken Chauffeur


I had to drive a chicken somewhere today.  Why?  Because she had to get to the other location.

I turned the radio down so that we could converse.  She was rather a low talker.  I let her ride upfront because really how often is she going to get to do that.  Do not worry she was properly buckled.

He Buckled Me

I posted this a year ago today and I could say the exact same thing. We had an awesome weekend and he buckles me every time we get in the car. ❤


We had a wonderful weekend together. Every time we got in the car he opened the door and then buckled me in. No matter where we were or if others were around. 😍😍😍


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