Q & A

Daddy do you ever think you will let me color your penis?


Circle of Life

We have a pair of hawks with a nest in the tree next door. Tonight, I was able to spot at least one baby with the binoculars!  These things are so beautiful to watch. Just one minor problem….

I know the beautiful things need to eat but I would prefer they not use my chimney as their dining table. There are feathers all over the yard, I have found a beak and picked up bones in the yard. I did not appreciate the squirrel fur blowing off the roof. ☹

I may have intercepted a few of their attempts to pick off my squirrels. Hey if they do it in front of me I am gonna lean out the window yelling “Runnnnnnnnnn”.



ME and this blog

I changed the tag line on my site months ago. It was “a married woman’s journey into D/s” or something like that. I’ve been uncomfortable with that for some time. One night I changed it to just “ME”.  There’s no pressure to live up to that because that is truth. I’m me.

I started this blog to connect with others and form friendships. I also wanted to tell my story to encourage others like me. I was discouraged by some because I didn’t follow their teachings. With No one true way there needs to be more than one example of how to go about things. So maybe most won’t relate to my story but I think it’s possible there could be another person out there like me. Scary as that may seem. 🙂

I don’t know where this blog is going … if anywhere. I do know it is not a D/s blog. It’s definitely not a sex blog. It’s a blog about me. It’s got some D/s elements. It has sex, though it’s not an everyday thing. It has coloring pictures and tributes to my husband of twenty-five years that I adore and call Daddy, in and out of the bedroom. 😉  It also has squirrels and not enough #extremesquirrelporn.

Whatever it is, it is real.


I have acquiesced to Daddy calling a tree trimmer. I have reserved the right to call in a Squirrel Relocation Team prior to any work being done.




When it is a common occurrence to see teenagers file out of their school with hands on their heads and be frisked by police … how numb are we?

When the leader of what is supposed to be “the greatest country” is dehumanizing people by calling them animals … where is the hope?

When your kid texts you from her high school “another shooting in Texas” … how do you not feel helpless to protect them?


When In Doubt…

Read your own god damn blog!
I was looking for a photo I thought might be in my media files here and just started reading a few posts. You know what I am pretty damn insightful! Can I put myself in my blog feed? Lol I am the only person I should be comparing myself to.